Loteria Nacional

Loteria Nacional

Since its creation in 1893, National Lottery Society of the State of the Argentine Republic has administered and regulated the activities related to the gambling market, fulfilling its primary function of contributing to the welfare of society throughout the country, through the development of transparent and efficient management that integrates social, economic and environmental aspects.

LNSE directly markets its products La Quiniela, La Grande Nacional, Quiniela Poceada, Loto, Loto 5, PRODE, La Solidaria, Cash and Turfito, and products of other provincial institutions, through agreements such as Quini 6, Jugá Maradona, Brinco, Toto Bingo, Telekino and Mono Bingo. It indirectly exploits, through concessions, the Casino Puerto Madero Buenos Aires and the Hipódromo Argentino de Palermo.

National Lottery SE works with the objective of allocating the benefits of the recreational activity of the betting public to social purposes. Its main beneficiary is the Ministry of Social Development. The Government of the City of Buenos Aires, the Provincial Lotteries, the State Lottery Association of Argentina, the Ministry of Sports, the Argentine Soccer Association, the Ministry of Education , the Ministry of Agriculture, Livestock and Fisheries, among others.

National Lottery SE is presided over by a Board of Directors with a management and advisory structure. In addition, the institution has a Training and Training School (EFyC) for its employees; the Veterinary Center of San Isidro, which manages a reference Hospital for the provision of assistance of equines of sport at national level; an institutional museum with a permanent display of historical objects; and develops the Children’s Singers Award, with the goal of helping schools across the country.

National Lottery National Society is recognized by the national and international economic press as one of the Argentine companies with better image, greater volume of economic activity and one of the best perform their activity in the country. This position of leadership in the market of games of chance – and of entertainment in general – was obtained surpassing even private companies or subsidiaries of large foreign companies. It is particularly noted for fulfilling its commercial and social role with efficiency, transparency, reliability and suitability.
With the solid backing that has provided an institutional trajectory since 1893, National Lottery SE is projected into the future with greater challenges and prospects of satisfying the expectations of the betting public and contributing to the development of society as a whole.

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Website: http://www.loteria-nacional.gob.ar/
Contact No.: 0800 – 333- 1331
Business Hours: Mon-Sun 9:00 AM


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