Sha Tin Racecourse , Nowhere in the world is horse racing so important or appreciated as it is in Hong Kong. The fans of racing 
in Hong Kong are inspirational. Horse racing here reaches excitement levels of football (soccer) in Europe, or baseball in the United States. Crowds pack the stands at both Sha Tin and Happy Valley Racecourses where average attendance routinely reaches 10’s of thousands per race day. It is truly an exciting event to attend live racing in Hong Kong. 

The Hong Kong Jockey club announces record betting turnover for the 2016/2017 racing season. The total betting turnover for the year reached a record HK$117.456 billion, in USD$ that equates to around $15.25 billion.

The massive increase in betting handle was primarily due to the addition of overseas bettors. Sha Tin & Happy Valley now allow foreign bettors to place wagers directly into the HKJC betting pools. This is proof that when you offer a high quality racing product, with extremely fair rules and low takeouts. Bettors will flock to wager on your products.

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