sa lotteries

SA Lotteries

*Guaranteed for up to 4 winners, Estimated

Draw close 7:00 pm ACST. Mon&Wed Lotto, Oz Lotto, Powerball draw close 8:00 pm ACST. Set for Life draw close 8:30 pm ACST.
The jackpot prize amounts advertised may have already been won when your ticket in the Super Jackpot or Mega Jackpot is drawn. Guaranteed minimum jackpot is $500,000 for the Super Jackpot and $1,000,000 for the Mega Jackpot. Super Jackpot single ticket $2.20 and Mega Jackpot single ticket $5.50.

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Contact No.: 0800 – 333- 1331
Address: East Village Newsagency, 22 Gadigal Avenue, ZETLAND
Business 136 939 or +61 7 3632 6000, 9538 0045