Yuraku Kaikan Imaizumi


  • · Reservation & storage medal system
    • You can save the balls & medals that were played in the game like saving money. In receipts, the exchange of prizes as long as that day is conditional, but this saving & storage medal system can be replaced at any time after the next day.
      It is OK to save it and save it with big prizes.
      This is “profitable”! (Members benefit)
  • · Commission free! Re-pre-system
    • You can withdraw saved balls & medals and play. You can play pachinko & slots without cashing! This is “economic”. (Members benefit)
  • · Membership Card Point System
    • Point presentation for each visit
      Depending on the number of points you saved, various Pachi Characters
      I get caught with a prize such as goods (Members benefit)


  • · Internet & Book Corner
    • A modern age where various information flies. The Internet has become a thing that can not be separated from life. “When you want the information you want” Please use it anytime. Always available, you can use it free of charge!
      Also, we prepare various books such as comic books and magazines at the book corner. Please also go for a relaxing refreshment and kill time
  • · Amenity available
    • To customers who are concerned about smell of tobacco Various deodorant fragrance spray
      Mask, including mobile phones, smartphones
      Tablet terminal free charge service.
      Umbrellas, rain gear rental service and so on.
  • · Recommended freshly grounded! Hot coffee
    • Popular self-served freshly brewed coffee!
      Come relaxing with freshly ground coffee at the store

Kashiwa Baek (252 units): [1000 yen / 250 beads] [1000 yen / 1000 beads] [1000 yen / 2000 beads]
Old raft (172 units): [1000 yen / 50 pieces] [1000 yen / 200 pieces]
Stop area : 333 units

Website: http://www.p-world.co.jp/tochigi/imaizumi.htm
Address: 1 Chome-15-8 Nakaimaizumi,
Utsunomiya-shi, Tochigi-ken 321-0968
Contact No.: 028-637-0988
Business Hours: 9: 00 – 22:45 | Every day of the year

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