Yuraku Kaikan Hiraide


  • · CAFE @ YK Renewal !!
    • Please use it when you are tired of playing or waiting with a friend. Besides the Internet, blood pressure monitor, terrestrial digital TV, personal computer, cartoon. Until the hot water service for cup noodles …! What? There is range, too. Feel free to the staff!


  • · “Play + Play” play style
    • Pachinko & Slot is a matter of course, yk ‘s new style of play is equipped with “Internet Cafe cafe @ yk”. Gather information on snacks and the net at the internet cafe for a change of pace. Please use by all means when waiting for a friend.
  • · All sorts correspondence sandwich
    • Introduced the latest type IC sand that can be inserted from 10,000 yen bills to 1,000 yen bills. It saves you the trouble of going to change money and you can concentrate on playing
  • · Spacious space with large bed space
    • Building an environment that allows you to concentrate on playing. Study the private zone and try out the play space designed to provide the optimum playing environment. Female customers can be crazy about play without worrying about the neighbor.

Kashiwo Baogu (288 units): [1000 yen / 250 beads] [1000 yen / 1000 beads] [1000 yen / 2000 beads]
Old tiger machine (128 units): [1000 yen / 50 pieces] [1000 yen / 200 pieces]
Station : 350 units

Website: http://www.p-world.co.jp/tochigi/hiraide.htm
Address: 384-3 Hiraidemachi
Utsunomiya-shi, Tochigi-ken 321-0901
Contact No.: 028-661-2121
Business Hours: 9: 00 – 22:45

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