Yuraku Kaikan Godai


  • · Relaxing space
    • Relaxingly relaxing space. We prepare numerous personal computers and cartoon books for internet so as not to miss information at all times.
      Please extend the range of play.


  • · A storage card system that expands ease of play
    • 【4 yen】 【1 yen】 【5 slots】 【20 slots】 Easy to play is greatly expanded by introducing a storage system which can be done all.
      The receipt can be changed on that day,
      When using this function to save the ball
      Replacement is possible even after the next day!
      Little balls & medals that can not be exchanged
      You can save as savings, while you do not know
      I can exchange for free gifts.
      Indeed, what if Chile also pile up!
      It is an indispensable item for your wife
      Furthermore, wonderful prizes are also co-sponsored by manufacturers
      I can get it.
      Anyway, it is a delicious system three times twice with one!
  • · Easy to play saving & replay system
    • Pachinko & Slot can play with no wallet! If you keep a bargain on a membership card,
      You can use the jade ball once again
      Until now, only the exchange, but with the introduction of the replay system
      It can be used again.
      Moreover, since it is sitting on the game board,
      No, “No trouble”.
      You can play pachinko & slots without money! There is no choice but to use such a convenient system!
      Please join the Yuraku member first
  • · Premium prize corner
    • There are precious rare things that are not commercially available.
      On the weekend, there are also more spot sales
      Handling of famous goods etc. in various places, from time to time!
      Also, make the best prizes as a gift for your wife or her
      , We have many stocks. Feel free to tell the staff.

Kashiwa Baogu (226 units): [1000 yen / 250 beads] [1000 yen / 1000 beads]
Old tiger (80 units): [1000 yen / 50 pieces] [1000 yen / 200 pieces]

Website: http://www.p-world.co.jp/tochigi/godai.htm
Address: 3 Chome-16-15 Godai,
Utsunomiya-shi, Tochigi-ken 321-0135
Contact No.: 028-655-6338
Business Hours: 9: 00 – 22:45

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