Dolphin Komanyu


  • · Dolphin flow
    • Among many pachinko parlors, thank you from the bottom of my heart that you can appoint our shop. The dolphin staff expresses their gratitude with service as a customer. There is no other friendly atmosphere like a good relationship between the customer and the staff.
      Dolphin staff provides fun to all customers like “dolphins”.
  • · Massage chair available
    • While waiting for you, wait for you to bring your body gently
      Refresh !!! (10 minutes 100 yen)
  • · I started a 1-ring pachinko.
    • With 1 yen, 4 yen, 20 yen slot, with all entertainment,
      Extend the range to play.


  • · Pursuit of game space
    • What is the size to concentrate on the game?
      It can not be too wide or too narrow.
      Please experience the ergonomically unique game space of dolphins.
  • · Rest room where snacks and drinks can be enjoyed
    • Please use the rest room for a break time.
      Refresh with a small snack and several kinds of drinks
  • · Relaxing space of net & manga
    • We have newly installed it.
      Please do not hesitate to use it.

Kashiwa Baek (250 units): [1000 yen / 250 beads] [1000 yen / 1000 pearls]
Old tiger machine (96 units): [1000 yen / 50 pieces]
Stop area: 280 units

Address: 2282-6 Komanyumachi
Utsunomiya-shi, Tochigi-ken 320-0065
Contact No.: 028-652-1255
Business Hours: 09: 00 – 22:45 | Every day of the year

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