american roulette

In Roulette you must seek to guess in what number – or its characteristics – the ball will stop once it stops spinning in the roulette, having exactly the same probability of falling into any of the numbers. The releases are completely independent of each other, ie a previous release will not affect the result of a later release.

The croupier will indicate that a new game has been started saying “make your bets” and from that moment, players must place their bets by placing their color chips in the respective boxes marked on the cloth for each of the figures or Lots
The different bets must be inscribed between the limits duly indicated on the table. To do this, you have the following alternatives:

Name Number of bets
A) Full A single number
B) Semi-full 2 numbers
C) Street 3 numbers
D) Fourth 4 numbers
E) Sixth 5 numbers
F) Line 6 numbers
G) Column 12 numbers
H) Dozen 12 numbers
I) Luck Single 18 numbers

Once all the players have finished placing their bets, the croupier will spin the roulette and throw the white ball in the opposite direction. He will wait a moment to move his hands on the table and say “no more”, indicating that from that moment no more bets will be accepted.
When the ball stops, the dealer will announce loudly the number and color of the place where the ball stopped. Then all losing bets will be removed from the table and only those that win will remain on the table.


The bets are paid according to the following table:
Name Payments
A) Full 35 a 1
B) Semi-full 17 a 1
C) Street 11 a 1
D) Fourth 8 a 1
E) Sixth 6 a 1
F) Line 5 a 1
G ) Column 2 to 1
H) Dozen 2 to 1
I) Luck Single 1 to 1

In case the winning number is zero (or double zero):
– All dozens, columns and simple lots lose.
– All combinations that have not entered zero (double zero) lose.

Changing Tokens for Money

When you decide to finish playing Roulette, you must change your color chips for value chips, which in turn, you can change for cash or play at other tables. Doing this will give you an amount of chips of value exactly equivalent to the value you have in color chips. If you want to change your value cards for cash, you can do it in any of the enabled boxes inside the casino.

Change of Money by Chips

To play Roulette, you must use special chips, called “color chips”. You can get them on the same table. To do this you must deliver to the dealer the cash you want to play and in return you will receive the equivalent in chips of a unique color for you, which will allow you to distinguish your bets from those of the rest of the players. The color chips will only allow you to play at the table where they were given to you.

Use Enjoy Club Card

When you sit at the table, show your Enjoy Club member card to the dealer. By doing so you will be accumulating Enjoy Club weights that will allow you to access a world of benefits. If you do not have your card, you can apply at the Enjoy Club offices of the casino.

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