Play your favorite slots with your Thunder Rewards card and at any time, thunder could strike with a cash delivery of up to $150,000! Check the top of the home page anytime for the current jackpot amount.

Thunder Strike Jackpot can hit on any slot machine throughout the casino. It starts at $50,000 and must hit by $150,000. And every time we celebrate another winner, the meter resets – giving you more chances to win!

Plus, the lucky guest that gets Thunder Struck isn’t the only one who wins. With our Celebration Bonus, if you’re playing with your Thunder Rewards card and are caught on the same bank of slot machines as a Thunder Strike Jackpot winner – you win $50 in Free Slot Play.

If you don’t have a Thunder Rewards card, it’s easy and free to sign up for one. Just visit our Rewards Center with your valid ID in hand, or, you can get started here. So come and play any of our 2,500 slots because you could win up to $150,000 instantly! You never know when thunder may strike – and it could be for you.

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