November 10 & 11, 2017

Prize Money:
1st Place – $7,500
2nd Place – $2,500
3rd Place – $1,500
4th Place – $1,200
5th Place – $1,000
6th Place – $800
7th Place – $500

$50 CASH Buy-In (Day of Tournament)
Purchase on Saturday, November 11 (Noon to 1:30pm) in front of Sin City Hops for one (1) tournament entry into a three (3) round Blackjack. First-come, first-served. Based on availability.

Early Registration:
For Invited Guests
Date: Friday, November 10
Location: In front of Sin City Hops
Time: 6pm – 8pm

Date: Saturday, November 11
Location: In front of Sin City Hops
Time: Noon – 1:30pm

Date: Saturday, November 11
Location: 21 Pit across from Sin City Hops
Time: 1pm

Event Details:
This three (3) round tournament consists of a qualifying round, semi-final and a final round. Each participant is guaranteed one (1) free round of play. The semi-final round consists of the top 30 chip leaders from the qualifying round and six (6) wild card winners. The final round will consist of the chip leader from each semi-final table and one (1) wild card winner. All players on the final table will win cash.

Hit Me Again Chip:
Everyone who registers on Friday, November 10 will receive one (1) chip to be used during the tournament. All ace | PLAYTM red and green carded players will automatically receive one (1) chip.

$100 (Promo Chip) Hot Seat Drawings: One (1) winner from each qualifying round and one (1) during semi-final round.


  1. Tournament is limited to 144 players. Tournament consists of invited players and those that purchase a $50 cash buy-in on November 11.
  2. Maximum of one (1) entry per person.
  3. Blackjack will be played with six (6) decks. All rounds will consist of 24 hands.
  4. Tournament will consist of three (3) rounds; Qualifying, semi-final and final.
  5.  The top 30 chip leaders from the qualifying round will advance to the semi-finals plus six (6) wild card winners.
  6. First Wild Card Drawing: Held at 5:45pm on November 11 for six (6) seats in the semi-final round.
  7. The chip leader from each semi-final table will advance to the finals plus one (1) wild card winner.
  8. Second Wild Card Drawing: Held at 7pm on November 11 for one (1) seat in the final round.
  9. Everyone in the final round will win prize money. Winners have choice of Cash, Slot Play or Promo Chips.
  10. “Hit Me Again Chip” Rule – All ace | PLAY red and green card players automatically receive one (1) “Hit Me Again Chip.” All those that register on Friday, November 10 will receive one (1) “Hit Me Again Chip.” Each chip can be used when a player chooses to discard either one (1) of their first two (2) dealt cards or their last drawn hit card dealt to them from the shoe. Your replacement card will be the next card in the shoe. Each “Hit Me Again Chip” may only be used ONCE during the qualifying round or the semi-final round and can only be played during your turn.
  11. Each player will receive $5,000 in tournament chips at the beginning of each round.
  12. All bets must be in multiples of $100 with a minimum bet of $100, and a maximum bet of $5,000.
  13. No even money on blackjack. Players must bet insurance.
  14. Players may play only one (1) hand at a time and must play in the circle located directly in front of them.
  15. When it is a player’s turn to bet, he/she will have approximately 30 seconds to bet, otherwise a $100 minimum bet will automatically be placed.
  16. Each player will have approximately 30 seconds to play his/her hand; otherwise the hand stands pat.
  17. The official tournament language is English and conversing in any other language will not be permitted.
  18. No written or mechanical aids will be permitted.
  19. All players must report to his/her assigned seat five (5) minutes before the session starts.
  20. If a player is not in his/her assigned seat at the start of the session, he/she will lose $500 per hand for the first 10 hands. After the allotted ten (10) hands, the player will then be disqualified.
  21. Tournament participants will not be allowed to discuss betting strategy with other participants during the play. IT IS THE PLAYER’S RESPONSIBILITY TO COMMUNICATE HIS/HER DESIRED ACTION TO THE DEALER.
  22. Participant must be 21 years or older and have an ace|PLAY card.

For a complete list of rules see the ace | PLAY Center at the Stratosphere Casino, Hotel & Tower.

$100 Promo Chip – Hot Seat Drawing

  1. All participants that play in the November 11, 2017 $15,000 Blackjack Tournament will be eligible to win.
  2. One (1) table and one (1) seat number will be randomly drawn and announced prior to each qualifying round and semi- final round. Winner must be present to win.

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