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What you try to do in a game of Bingo is cover 24 numbers on a special Bingo card as soon as possible, excper the 25th number which is the card’s serial number.

Before the final draw for the Superbingo, in which you have to cover all the 24 numbers on your Bingo card, there are three other draws; at these draws you have to cover as soon as possible the numbers on your card as it is shown below

Winning combinations in a single draw

Any line
(vertical, horizontal or diagonal)

€ 50

Small diamond
(the fields around the serial number)

€ 75

(both diagonals)

€ 100

Bingo € 400
starting value € 4,000 + € 50 at each new Superbingo game

With only one Bingo card you can compete in all four draws. At the fourth draw you also compete for the Superbingo, which requires you to cover all the numbers on your Bingo card before or just as the 50th number has been called.

If no-one has the Superbingo (after the 50th number has been called), the game proceeds until there is a first player(s) to have covered all the 24 numbers, thus winning the Bingo in the amount of € 400. If the Superbingo is not awarded, its value increases by € 50 in each consecutive game. Once the Superbingo is awarded however, its value returns to the startig € 4,000.

In the forth draw, there is a Jolly ball inserted along with the balls 1 to 75. This Jolly can substitute any number that has not been drawn yet.

Once the Superbingo has reached the € 10,000 value, two Jolly balls are inserted in the cage before the fourth draw.

If you are the first to make any of the winning combinations,you have to report immediately to the Bingo host. If there is more than one player to have a winning combination, the prize is split in equal amounts.

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