Our rooms have an important offer in terms of entertainment, which includes the live game sector, slot machines, electronic roulette and live shows, the same are the days Thursday, Friday, Saturdays of each week and eve of holidays.-

Live or Conventional Game

It works from Monday to Saturday from 21:00 Hours and until 03:00 Hours. It is made up of 04 American Roulette tables.

Slot machines

 In our Rooms you will find slot machines of different characteristics that allow to offer to the bettor a good amount of variants at the moment of making his bet.

The casino of machines of the Casino is implemented with titles of game of last generation, of proven acceptance on the part of the bettors of all the casinos of the country, what puts to Catamarca in equal conditions in what offer of game is referred.

Values established : the unit values of the credit value of the slot machines are set at $ 0.02 for some machines and $ 0.05 for the rest. In this way it is possible to attract a large number of bettors from different economic levels. The configuration of each of the available titles allows to bet from a few cents to important amounts for each cycle of play.-

Way of making the bets and payment of hits : all the machines installed in the Casino allow the making of bets from the insertion of cash in the banknote acceptors. At the moment of the verification of successes the payments are made by means of a payment by assistant issuing a voucher that soon becomes effective in the boxes of pago.-

Electronic roulette:  Electronic roulette is installed each with a credit value of 10 cents ($ 0.10), a maximum of 5 credits at full and a limit of 700 credits per ball which allows bets of different hierarchy and values.

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