June Tournaments

WIN UP TO €2,000 CASH!

Prepare for summer with Circus: up to €2,000 cash to be won!

Monthly tournament:
Summer’s coming and it’s got some surprises in store: win up to €2,000 cash.
The other winners in the ranking will receive between €25 and €500 bonus money! (2 rebuys possible for €5)

Weekly tournaments:
Every week in June there’s €1,500 cash to be won in our weekly tournaments!
This way you can spoil yourself or your friends with a nice gift. On top of that, there’s up to €500 bonus money to won!
(2 rebuys possible for €5)

Daily tournaments:
Every night at 7 p.m. there’s €500 cash in the prize pool!
Register for only €2. (2 rebuys possible for €2)

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