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Poker Cash Game Ticket Promotion information:

  1. The Poker Cash Game Ticket promotion runs from Thursday 1st of June through to Sunday the 13th of August.
  2. There will be a weekly draw each Sunday night, during the promotion, where $500 in Free Play Chips can be won.
  3. The draw will take place at 7.30pm, each Sunday night during the promotion period. The winner must be present and they have 5 minutes to claim their prize, once their name is displayed on one of the Poker TV’s.
  4. If the prize is unclaimed this will jackpot to following week’s draw.
  5. The final draw on Sunday the 13th of August, a winner must be found, redraws will take place until the prize is claimed. A bonus prize of a 2017 NZPC Canterbury Champs seat will be awarded to the lucky winner as well.
  6. A numbered ticket will be won per hand; an additional bonus ticket will be awarded if the pot reaches the rake cap.
  7. If More than 1 person wins the pot, 1 numbered ticket will be awarded; any subsequent winners will be awarded a bonus ticket.
  8. Tickets must be in the draw barrel 15 minutes prior to the draw.
  9. All tickets must have a name and associated player’s card number to be valid.
  10. Any ticket that is illegible or invalid will not be eligible to win.
  11. Numbered Tickets and Bonus tickets have the same worth.

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