Coupons can be obtained in the following ways:
– buying POP tickets for 100€ (max. 2)
– payout on table games; 150€ or more on american roulette and 50€ or more on card games (BJ, UTH, HDP)
– changing 300 points on Player’s Club card

-JP payout on slots 300€ or more

– buying 8 decks (3+1) of Bingo cards

Weekly draws will be held every Friday at 23.00.


  • 50€ + 1 bingo card
  • 100€ + 2 bingo cards
  • possibility of winning one of three progressive prizes MINI, MIDI or MAXI or at least in any case 400€ + 4 bingo cards

Final draw will take place on Friday, the 16th of June at 24.00.

Prizes: 50€, 75€, 100€, 125€, 150€, 175€, 200€, 300€, 500€ and MAXI win.


Prize money of the final draw of lots is 8,175€. Total prize money of the game is 31.395€.


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